Time capsule


I thought it would be fun to do a time capsule activity so I devised 4 questions, all basic apart from the last one, and all of you filled in your answers for now. Towards the end of the year I’ll get you to answer the questions again and then see if your priorities have changed. A bit of data!

The questions:

What is your main goal for the year? What is the most important priority in your life at this stage? What makes you happiest? What is the most important things for humanity to survive?

Here are some of your answers (I haven’t named names!)

Answers to the first question were as expected –

This set of answers were focused on one thing only:

I feel your pain here –

Here’s a deep one:

Someone will have to explain this one to me:

The most important priority in your life at this stage?

No surprises. Many of you answered similarly:

This one makes me laugh – you almost had a balance of priorities but you chickened out.

I like this one, especially if ‘learning’ extends to things learned outside of the academic program:

And what makes you all happiest?

That last one reminded me to find out which instruments you play and what kind of music you like.

This next one, I ¬†noticed, has ‘dog’ above ‘friends’, haha.

And the last question, the big one: What is the most important thing for humanity to survive? (Admittedly, you had very little time to think about this). We got a good range of answers.

Here’s the same student who answered ATAR for the first two questions:

Somebody either has an overly inflated sense of self or else has expressed himself facetiously (I’m going with the latter):

Here are some more:

It took me a while to decipher the second line here; I think it reads: Donald Trump not president – couldn’t agree more.

There were a few along the same theme:

Pleased to see some of you concerned about the environment – so you should be; it’s your future!

And some very thoughtful answers which focused on the human condition:

Thanks, fellas. It will be interesting to see if and how your answers change towards the end of this year.










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