Interview with Marcus Form 12D  20/2/17

Marcus was born in Melbourne to parents from Moldova (his father) and Ukraine (his mother). He has a sister, Maria. I discovered that Marcus sometimes speaks Russian at home mainly to his mother and that he studied Russian privately but, unlike his sister, chose not to do it as a VCE subject. The standard of VCE Russian is challenging, even for native speakers.

Marcus may have inherited the sporting gene from his father who used to be a professional soccer player.

Marcus is a serious tennis player.

This is obviously a very old photo.

Photo source: Tennis Australia


I don’t want to stagnate with tennis but also want to do well at school, I want a balance.

How will you do that?

By pushing through, eg still pushing through with homework after training sessions.  I have to cut back on other hobbies.

At the moment I’m sorting through our old house – we moved – and looking through my grandfather’s old tools, getting advice from a friend to see how much I could sell them for. My grandfather was a handyman.

Are you?

No, I’m not a handyman but I like some of that old stuff and might keep a few things.

I used to be 4th in the country in tennis for my age level.

I’m still in the top 20 now.

Will you consider tennis as a career?

There is a possibility although most people who are serious about tennis leave school at year 10. I might go to a college in the US if I want to pursue a tennis career as well as keep up my academic studies.


Marcus admits he hasn’t thrown himself into co-curricular activities at MHS, partly because of the time taken up by tennis, but also because he just wasn’t driven to. He comes across as someone who’s worked out what he’ll put his efforts into. In terms of diploma points, he’s not really fussed. Some people might see him as someone who misses out on opportunities but you might also see a good work-life balance playing out. Some people are seduced by extrinsically motivated activities and others are not. Still, he does appreciate that MHS has a good co-curricular program.

His advice to new year 9 students?

‘Don’t stress too much about year 9; I missed out on half of it and still passed. Don’t take co-curricular activities too seriously just for the points, just enjoy.’

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