Interview with Lynden

My first impression of Lynden was that he’s an open and sociable person. Every time I see him, he’s smiling. Despite the fact that I’m on his back a fair bit about being late to form, it’s impossible to really get angry at him.

I started off by asking Lynden about his previous school. He came from Williamstown High School and he’s lived in Williamstown most of his life. I asked if he takes advantage of the beach there and he says that he does go in for a dip but that it’s not really a swimming beach. His family have a holiday house in Portsea and he likes to surf there.

As you would expect, being vice-captain of Yarra, Lynden is passionate about sport and likes all sport.

Is there any sport you don’t like?

Oof, ah… I don’t really like rugby. It’s just big guys running into each other.

Have you had sporting injuries?

Last year I dislocated my knee – pretty nasty – and fractured the inside as well so I was out the whole season. The year before that I did my knee in twice.

Didn’t that put you off sport?

Nah. Oh, maybe when you start off but once you get back into it…

I ran my theory past him about sporting kids – that if you’re a kid who can’t sit still when you’re young, you often turn out to be good a sport.

Lynden agreed that he probably was that kind of kid, and that even now he had trouble sitting through the whole period.

Lynden has two older brothers and a younger sister. His oldest brother is just 22 and an electrician, and his other brother ‘did some sort of engineering at RMIT and finished last year’. His sister is enjoying year 10 at Williamstown High School.

Do you all look alike?

My oldest brother and my sister have red hair just like me.

Curly like yours?

My sister’s hair is really curly, like an afro. My dad did have red hair, but he’s bald now.

What are your plans for next year?

Not too sure… I like science, maybe something to do with that. I’m not sure, but I do want to go to uni. I’ll see – got to get through this year first.

Get through this year?  is it challenging for you?

Yeah, settling down and doing all the work, for sure.  Yeah I never really had to do this much work before. It’s pretty intense, it isn’t much fun.

But you have fun with your friends…


Are all your friends sporty? Yeah, most are but not all. I’ve got a good range of mates.

I hope you have a good year,  Lynden, and that you’re able to give uni a go next year.

#randomphoto Photo by WIII Vitanyl III on Flickr


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