Interview with Nisal

Interview with Nisal March 2017 Form 12D

Nisal, what can you tell me about yourself?

Well, I’m turning 18 this year. I came from Sri Lanka when I was 8.

What do you remember about that?

I remember a lot about that, pretty much everything.

Did you have any family here already?

No, it was just my parents and me, I don’t have siblings.

What were your first impressions of Australia?

I liked it a lot better than Sri Lanka.

I remember the first thing I noticed was the light pollution compared to what it was like in Sri Lanka. When it’s night time in Sri Lanka it becomes completely dark.

Do you visit?

I go back every 2 years or so.

What’s it like in terms of pollution there?

Sri Lanka is one of the better countries in the southern Asia region in terms of pollution.

How did you feel leaving your country for good?

It might sound insensitive, but I didn’t really feel that much. I didn’t have such a strong attachment to it.

Were you speaking English already before the move?

I attended English class and my grandmother taught English so…

What grade did you go into?

I went into grade 3.

What would you say about yourself to those wanting to know you?

I’m pretty open minded, willing to listen to others’ ideas.  Even if someone is teaching something you already know, you’ll learn something new. I’m open to new perspectives.

How did you come to this approach?

Through experience – I used to be biased but I realised it’s better to be open to things.

Did your parents model that attitude?

I think so, yes, my parents are very open minded about things.  While they taught me a lot, they’re also open to me teaching them things.

Are they open minded about your career?

Yes, pretty much. They pretty much want me to be happy in my career.

Do you have idea as to what you intend to do?

I’m pretty interested in medicine. I know it’s a stressful job but I do enjoy that kind of field.

What attracts you?

I’m pretty interested in how the human body works but I also want to… I guess…

my dad is a GP and when he catches something in a patient that wasn’t able to be diagnosed, he has this great expression on his face. I was inspired by that as a kid.


Thank you, Nisal, and I think your open-mindedness and gentle manner will be a good fit for a medical career or whichever career you end up pursuing.


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