Interviewing Victor

While I was desperately trying to remember names of all of you guys at the start of the year, even though Victor came in a little later – transferring from a different form, I was able to remember his name and face immediately. Victor has a lovely, open face (I hope you don’t mind me saying so).

Victor has been at MHS since year 9.
I asked him about his first impressions and he said the transition was initially difficult because he came from a small school with about 80 people in his year level, so it was a big jump.

How did you get accustomed to it?

Making friends, even the seniors helped us get used to things, it’s that sort of culture at MHS

How would you define the culture of the school?

Things like house competitions, athletics, force everyone to take part, but apart from that, it’s a very supportive environment; there are no distinct groups.

Really? How does that happen?

People are generally nice here. Some people assume that it’s all about competition here
but people actually help one another.

I’ve always felt it’s a good environment, one that promotes people trying to work hard and succeed. There’s a reputation that people are climbing to the top and over each other, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Are you tutored?

Just this year, in most subjects.

What about your friends?

Many have been tutored in maths. It’s fair enough, to get ahead, that’s good. But our school environment is also helpful, and promotes the growth.

Have you taken advantage of co-curricular activities at the school?

I’m part of break dance and the String Orchestra.

Victor plays first violin.

Are you good at it?

I was good at it in year 9, but since then I stopped practising – but it’s still good to be in the orchestra.

When you leave school, do you think you’ll join an orchestra?

Maybe not an orchestra, but a break dance group.

When did you start Break Dance?

I started in year 9.

Were you already able to do it?

I couldn’t do it already, and everyone started from scratch.

Did you know you had the ability to do it?

I knew i was flexible, but apart from that, no. Some people just joined because their friends did.

Do you do that spinning on your head?

Sort of..

Do you have siblings?

I have an older brother who is doing Biomed 2nd year at Uni.

What about you?
I haven’t decided what to do – maybe do something general, still don’t know, at Melbourne Uni.

You look conscientious, is that true?
Maybe, haha.

In the bigger picture, what goals or aspirations do you have for your life?

I don’t have specific goals, just to live a happy life, somewhat carefree, no financial worries…
to make some sort of small difference to people around me, some sort of change in people’s lives.

Thank you, Victor, I have no doubt that you will make a difference in people’s lives. All the best to you.


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