Happy Birthday, Karol!

In your absence (on your birthday) your form colleagues wrote some wishes for you on the whiteboard (with some unsubtle coercion from me).

Jai made an effort to post in Polish. Pity it’s in Russian.

Happy 18th Birthday, Karol! – Ms Sheko


How to fit an epic novel into your busy lives – seriously

So you’re too busy to read. I get it.

Did you ever really read, I mean like someone whose life depended on it? Why? Because there’s more to life than our daily rituals, than study (and more study after this year) – and some of that depth of insight exists in literature. I don’t care if you’d rather do maths, but step inside a good novel. As if your life depended on it.

So here’s a way to do it without picking up a book – audiobook! So Moby Dick is a massive novel, but you can listen to it chapter by chapter when you take the time out from YOUR PHONES!!!!!

(sorry for shouting)

Listen to Moby Dick; just do it.

Image of Moby Dick by David Austen.

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